Born in Cape Town, South Africa and then qualifying as a computer scientist, I worked for a number of years as a programmer, with photography as just a hobby. When I moved to London with my husband in 2010, I decided to switch careers and put all my focus on photography. Having to learn all about business and marketing, I soon realised the importance of good imagery and visual identity for businesses.

I love working with small and local businesses, going behind the scenes, showcasing amazing spaces, people, food, atmosphere and products. Location and lifestyle photography is where I shine, creating natural and engaging images, showcasing your business authentically and bringing it to life. I am fuelled by my desire to help businesses thrive and knowing how much work that entails, I aim to provide a portfolio of images you will love, not only for your website and marketing materials, but also for social media and press.

If you want me to tell your business story through images, please contact me.