Beth Searle - PR Lifestyle and Headshot Shoot

Whenever I know that I’ll be shooting branding images for a business owner, I already know I’m about to hear an interesting story behind the business. It’s one of those things I love about meeting entrepreneurs and hence why I love shooting for them. It’s my secret to keeping myself inspired!

Beth, a Scot now living in London, is the co-owner of Be So Baby, a service to make the process of buying gifts for babies and toddlers stress free. She has also started writing and needed some relaxed lifestyle portraits of herself for her website, social media and PR. 

After our exchange of business stories and a coffee, we got down to shooting. We initially agreed on exploring two locations, but since it was a miserable rainy day, we decided to do all the images at her lovely home, where she spends most of her time working. We even braved a few minutes outside in the cold for some outdoor shots - kudos to Beth for braving the cold with bare arms!

Her home lent itself to some lovely even light, which made it a real pleasure to shoot portraits. Here are some of the shots.


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