Hackney Arts Workshops at Hackney Walk: Hackney Herbal

Hackney Arts and Hackney Walk collaborated and created a series of plant-based workshops every Saturday of July. I was asked to photograph these workshops and because I’ve photographed for Hackney Arts before, I knew I would enjoy shooting for them. 

There was a great mix of attendees and I loved seeing people take the time out to learn something new on the weekend. Everyone had a different reason for being there. It's no secret that Hackney is the borough of makers, artists and creatives and workshops like these are a great way for people to connect and artists to have a platform to share their work.

In this post, I will share the photos of the first workshop, which was run by Hackney Herbal. They shared information, tips and recipes on how to use herbs at home. Everyone had a chance to make their own lip balm, fragrance spray and tea bags to keep.

I will create a separate post for each workshop, so look out for that!


If you need your creative workshop or event photographed, please get in touch, as I love shooting anything creative!